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Madurai is home to 2,578,201 people according to Madurai Corporation in 2017 with a population density of 750 people for a square kilometer. Religion Hindus constitute 85.8%, followed by Muslims (8.5%), Christians (5.2%) and others (0.5%). The people of Madurai take great pride in their rich cultural heritage. Though they are slowly adopting modern lifestyle, traditions still play a major role in their life. Despite the religious diversity, they live in peace and harmony and adhere to a very simple and laid back lifestyle. They are very hospitable in nature even treat strangers in a humble manner. They start their day with religious prayers at home, seeking blessings from the gods. Women prefer to wear traditional clothes such as saree and ‘dhavani’ though chudidhars have become standard school uniforms, Men wear ‘lungi’ or shirts and trousers. Maduraites are know for their culturally courageous and humble behavior.

Madurai Bus Transportation

The people of Madurai speaks to one another with respect. The even call the starngers as “Annan” and “Akka” that means brother and sister irelevant of their age or gender that shows their inborn culture of their respectful culture. Getting around in Madurai is very easy. There are different bustands connecting all four directions of the city local buses in Madurai. Most of them are run by government agencies.

A few private buses also ply through the city. Ordinary and deluxe buses are available. It is advisable to ask the bus conductor and make certain that the bus goes to where you require since the boards are only displayed in the regional language, Tamil. The main bus stands in Madurai are Periyar Bus Stand that is located in the center of the city, Complex Bus Stand, Arappalayam Bus Stand, Palzhanganatham bus stand and Mattuthavani Integrated Bus Terminus. Though the crime rate is not that bad, you have to be careful with your baggages and pickpocketrs as they exist in any developed city.

Madurai Air Travel

Madurai airport that is located 13 kilometers away from Meenakshi temple has flights to many Indian cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa, Mumbai, Delhi and Tirupati. The major airlines flying these routes are Air India, Air Pegasus, Jet Airways, SpiceJet and other private owned airlines. Madurai Airport also has flight connectivity to international cities like Dubai and Colombo via SpiceJet and Mihin Lanka. People from other parts of the world can reach the international airports at Chennai, Mumbai or Delhi, all of which are well-connected with other cities across the globe, and board a connecting flight to Madurai.

Madurai Language

Tamil is spoken by a majority of the people in Madurai. You can hear the tamil language spoken in in Madurai is of its pure form with hardly any influences from other languages. Other languages spoken in the city are Telugu, Saurashtra, English, Urdu, Hindi, etc. Foriegners can normally will be able to manage with English language as most shop keepers and auto rickshaw men can understand and communicate in English in Madurai. It is normal to bargain with the roadside vendors around meenakshi temple where they sell unique traditional stuff that you don’t get anywhere else for that price.

Madurai Culture

One of the best things about Madurai is its rich culture, reflected in its vibrant festivals, arts, music, dances and alluring architectural marvels. The historic Meenakshi Amman Temple serves as a lifeline of the city and boasts of intricately carved sculptures. Festivals such as Meenakshi Tirukkalyanam celebrate the glorious culture of the city. Arts and crafts in Madurai have admirers all over the world. It is home to a famous textile industry, which still uses ancient weaving techniques. Music and dance form a significant part of the culture. Bharatanatyam, Ottan Thullal, Krishnattam, etc. are some of the popular dance forms. The cuisine of Madurai is known to be simple, yet delicious. Dosai, idly, sambar and pongal are the popular dishes. Also checkout Madurai Parota – the flaky bread that are very tasty and particularly available on the evening mutton stall or called street food especially at nights.

“These Parota shops are not closed up until 2.00 AM in the morning and then the other businesses near the central market area starts the next day around 3.00 AM in the morning. As you can witness, the city of Madurai never sleeps.”

The soil type in the central area is mostly clay loam, while red loam and black cotton types can be found in the outer areas of the city. Major crop is paddy, followed by pulses, millet, oil seed, cotton and sugarcane. There is a saying that Madurai soil is as nurtured as the people heart who live in Madurai as they are being blessed constantly by living in the midst of temple surrounded by the Gods.

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