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US Army 3 is the latest source of official US Army games. This is a first-person shooter (FPS) with a narrow training section and multiplayer online games.

The US Army UU. 3, built on the Unreal Engine, looks better than its predecessors, but not only cosmetic changes. The sections of learning that are a big part of the game are now completely unnecessary. Although sometimes it can be a small helicopter, unlock the best teamto complete them, so the information is worth.

Online online Army 3 multiplayer online missions differ in the majority FPS Gaming: emphasizing teamwork, in fact requires success. Each game sees the US military against the OPK – an indefinite “opposing force”. There are different game modes, although all the same – if he died, he leaves the game. You can get medical help when you are injured by teammates, but you will not return to full health.

In the absence of a reappearance in theUS Army 3 makes more conviction in multiplayer games. Your teammates are very important and the tension is very likely when you move the caps, with the fire, which is really nervous! The five cards are well designed and good to play, but keep in mind that sometimes you have to sit in matches for five or more minutes if you are not as indecent as to shoot.

The US Army UU. 3 is a serious FPS game, but if you spend time here, it can be profitable by playingHollywood actions and the drama of the famous shooters, such as Modern Warfare.


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