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Trusted uploader Freegate

Freegate is a anti-filter software that allows you to access limited websites from countries like China, Cuba and Iran. This software uses Dinaveb, similar to the popular Tor Vidalia software, using a proxy system such as P2P.

Freegat was first developed for use in Chinaby Dinamic Internet Technologies Inc., one of the first organizations to produce anti-filter software.

Two ways to use

Freegate has two encrypted tunnels stored via internet restrictions set in filtered countries.

You can choose to use itFreegate in Proki or Classic mode. Proxy Mode automatically adjusts the Internet Explorer Internet Explorer settings so you can access anyone blocking websites by simply typing in the address bar. If you use a different web browser, you need to manually change itproxy browser.

You can avoid changing the settings of the proxy-classical mode, where you can access the main page of Dinaveb on the webdengan website, which starts its brochure, although some of the contents of the site can not be displayed properly.

Quick links and load information

Freegate does not requireinstallation. Once downloaded and started, you can mengubahniaTetapan Freegate to access some or all of the web addresses you use freegate proki. If you decide to access the website directly through Freegate Prokies, you must change the proxy settings (in most cases, it will automaticallychange for you, depending on what you use); otherwise, Dinaveb will automatically start the Internet Explorer, so you can access the blocked location. Dinaveb’s interface is not so good to watch, but it’s a trick.

There are four cards that will provide you with informationabout your connection, including Server, Status, Tunnel, and Settings. The Server tab tells you which server you are using, as well as the connection speed; The status of the card will tell you whether you use the tunnel and give your own proxy settings, as well as an option to disable the software; Check the tunnelsettings and select tunnel mode (parochial or Classic) using; while settings make it possible to change things like cutting browsing history and other program settings.

If you are new to this type of software, it may be wrong to delete your andabeberapa term, all the sameuse and default startup value allow relatively easy start of search.

Your access to filtered content

If you are in a region with list constraints, such as China, Freegate is a great software to break this block and access limited web pagessuch as Facebook and YouTube.


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