Zodiac Signs for the Astro-geographically positioned Madurai city

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Meenakshi Amman Temple’s extremely rich stone masonry is a best illustration of Astrogeographic positioning for field level 3 that describes how the whole temple complex is embedded in the City of Madurai and it is very apparent that people lived in Madurai were experts in Astrology many centuries ago.

Zodiac in astronomy and astrology

A belt around the heavenly bodies extending 9º on either side of the ecliptic, the plane of the earth’s orbit and of the sun’s apparent annual path. The orbits of the moon and of the principal planets (except Pluto) also lie entirely within the zodiac. Because most of the constellations through which the ecliptic passes represent animals, the ancient Greeks called its zone zodiakos or Zodias.

On January 1 the direction of the sun is now in Sagittarius instead of Capricorns. The signs are predicted by one’s date and time of birth. Please use the chart below to browse through your sign to learn more about the nature, compatibility, lucky numbers, birthstones, etc.,

Click on the Zodiac signs below to read more in detail about Nakshatras (Stars), Symbol, Birth stones, Lucky numbers, Colours and Compatible signs of each one of them.

March 21 – April 19
Tamil: Mesham
April 20 – May 20
Tamil: Rishabham
May 21 – June 21
Tamil: Mithunam
June 22 – July 22
Tamil: Katakam
July 23 – Aug. 22
Tamil: Simam
Aug 23 – Sept. 22
Tamil: Kanni
Sept. 23 – Oct. 23
Tamil: Thulam
Oct. 24 – Nov. 21
Tamil: Vrishchikam
Nov. 22 – Dec. 21
Tamil: Dhanusu
Dec. 22 – Jan. 19
Tamil: Makaram
Jan. 20 – Feb. 18
Tamil: Kumbham
Feb. 19 – Mar. 20
Tamil: Meenam


The zodiac according to Indian Astrology comprises of 360 degrees. There are 27 Nakshatras or constellations in it.Therefore, the value of each constellation is 13 degrees and 20 minutes when measured from the fixed initial point. you can find your Stars / Nakshatras by clicking here.

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