Astrology is being religiously followed even now in most of the Hindu families

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Indian Astrology has its roots dating back to Ramayana days and is considered as a part of the Sacred Vedas. Even in modern days, it is being religiously followed in most of the Hindu families, right from the birth of a child, casting of Horoscopes, referring to them during Marriage and other occasions etc.

Astrology is no longer an occult science of the east. It is now viewed as a modern science based on scientific research and analysis.

Over the years, astrologers have studied the observations made and out of that, they formulated the laws in medical astrology. Astrology can aid in predicting and diagnosing a disease by looking at the horoscope.

Moon rules over our mind and Sun rules the soul. If the Sun and moon are not afflicted, then a reasonably sound health will be predicted. Our ancient sages formulated a medical guidance under the name of Ayurveda. A doctor cannot predict disease but an astrologer can and when it would afflict a person.

The ancient sages referred each zodiac sign to represent a part of the body and for the different diseases. They also identified the planets which cause the diseases and the period a person would be affected. The signs are predicted by one’s date and time of birth.

Sidereal astrology is different from the Hellenistic astrology which is dependent on the Greek concepts assimilated from the Babylonian science.

Nakshatras are considered to be the lunar mansions high up in the sky which creates a huge impression on the people and impact their lives as well as behavior.

NoSanskritSanskrit TransliterationSanskritWesternGreekGlossTattvaQualityRuling Planet
1मेषMeṣaramAriesΚριόςramTejas (Fire)Cara (Movable)Mars
2वृषभVṛṣabhabullTaurusΤαῦροςbullPrithivi (Earth)Sthira (Fixed)Venus
3मिथुनMithunatwinsGeminiΔίδυμοιtwinsVayu (Air)Dvisvabhava (Dual)Mercury
4कर्कटKarkaṭacrabCancerΚαρκίνοςcrabJala (Water)Cara (Movable)Moon
5सिंहSiṃhalionLeoΛέωνlionTejas (Fire)Sthira (Fixed)Sun
6कन्याKanyāgirlVirgoΠαρθένοςvirginPrithivi (Earth)Dvisvabhava (Dual)Mercury
7तुलाTulābalanceLibraΖυγόςbalanceVayu (Air)Cara (Movable)Venus
8वृश्चिकVṛścikascorpionScorpioΣκoρπιόςscorpionJala (Water)Sthira (Fixed)Mars
9धनुषDhanusbowSagittariusΤοξότηςarcherTejas (Fire)Dvisvabhava (Dual)Jupiter
10मकरMakarasea-monsterCapricornΑἰγόκερωςgoat-hornedPrithivi (Earth)Cara (Movable)Saturn
11कुम्भKumbhapitcherAquariusὙδροχόοςwater-pourerVayu (Air)Sthira (Fixed)Saturn
12मीनMīnafishPiscesἸχθεῖςfishJala (Water)Dvisvabhava (Dual)Jupiter

Twelve Zodiac SIGNS

There are twelve zodiac signs in the sky and the indomitable Aries is considered to be located at the vernal equinox at a zero degree of the latitude in an impeccable manner. It is a well known fact that most of the signs are the throw backs to the time of the amazing Babylonian and the Greek civilization, however the name of the zodiacs are based on the Indian as well as Babylonian names. According to the experts, historical knowledge has played a very important role in the popularity of the zodiac signs over a period of time. To understand the zodiac, one must know that English speaking population generally use the Latin words.

SymbolLong.Latin nameEnglish translationGreek nameSanskrit nameSumero-Babylonian name
1AriesThe RamΚριός (Krios)Meṣha (मेष)MUL LU.ḪUŊ.GA “The Agrarian Worker”, Dumuzi
230°TaurusThe BullΤαῦρος (Tauros)Vṛiṣabha (वृषभ)MULGU4.AN.NA “The Steer of Heaven”
360°GeminiThe TwinsΔίδυμοι (Didumoi)Mithuna (मिथुन)MULMAŠ.TAB.BA.GAL.GAL “The Great Twins” (Castor and Pollux)
490°CancerThe CrabΚαρκῖνος (Karkinos)Karkaṭa (कर्कट)MULAL.LUL “The Crayfish”
5120°LeoThe LionΛέων (Leōn)Siṃha (सिंह)MULUR.GU.LA “The Lion”
6150°VirgoThe MaidenΠαρθένος (Parthenos)Kanyā (कन्या)MULAB.SIN “The Furrow”; “The Furrow, the goddess Shala’s ear of corn”
7180°LibraThe ScalesΖυγός (Zugos)Tulā (तुला)MULZIB.BA.AN.NA “The Scales”
8210°ScorpioThe ScorpionΣκoρπιός (Skorpios)Vṛścika (वृश्चिक)MULGIR.TAB “The Scorpion”
9240°SagittariusThe (Centaur) ArcherΤοξότης (Toxotēs)Dhanuṣa (धनुष)MULPA.BIL.SAG, Nedu “soldier”
10270°Capricorn“Goat-horned” (The Sea-Goat)Αἰγόκερως (Aigokerōs)Makara (मकर)MULSUḪUR.MAŠ “The Goat-Fish” of Enki
11300°AquariusThe Water-BearerὙδροχόος (Hudrokhoos)Kumbha (कुम्भ)MULGU.LA “The Great One”, later qâ “pitcher”
12330°PiscesThe FishἸχθύες (Ikhthues)Mīna (मीन)MULSIM.MAḪ “The Tail of the Swallow”, later DU.NU.NU “fish-cord”
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