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Tiger Hai Hai, recorder Ec Tay Tiger, keeps Tiger’s history and two Zoe spyers later eight years later. Tiger and Zoya appear to have died from their homeland. Although all the youngsters are lost in foreign countries that keep stunning lives, Tiger and Zoe return to act for a impossible mission to save the international terrorist organization. I will they succeed?

Inspired by real events, Tiger Zinda Hai is a good driver for Ec Tai Tiger.Drama Concert iY next step, not to save the message in Iraq. Indian and paper-tiger Zoya agency agency joins their forces in the name of humanity against the Abu Uzman military messiah. Tiger Zinga Hai is a perfect singer who describes a well-designed story, music, dance and game.

Tiger Zinda HaiTophilims is developing a “Ek Tha Tiger” block revolution record. He kept the story eight years later when Tiger and Zoya appeared to be dead countries. Evenly,when there is trouble happening in a foreign country, putting in danger of civil lives, Tiger and Zoe are back to act with another incomplete rescue mission that fights the international terrorist organization.

Language: Hindi

Subject: English

Note: NO

Date of approval: December 22, 2017

Type: Action / Thriller

Duration: 2 hours 45 minutes

Distributors: Nusantara Seni Karia Sdn Bhd

C: Salman Kahn, Katrina Kayf, Sajad Delfrooz, Sudaph, Andead Bede

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Do: 2D


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