100s of pumpsets seized for unlawful water tapping

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In a traverse of four days, Corporation authorities here have seized 138 engine pump sets from residences on charges of unlawful tapping of drinking water.

With progressive storms having fizzled and poor stockpiling level in the Vaigai repository, the Corporation has been investigating different other options to take care of the drinking water demand of the city. From sinking bore wells and appropriating water through tankers to turn framework for water supply, different means are being utilized by the Corporation experts to address the water shortage issue.

As a feature of these activities, taking after grumblings from inhabitants, Corporation Commissioner Sandeep Nanduri framed seven groups of urban body work force a week ago to check unlawful tapping of water. Four days back, the squads which fanned out to various areas in the city found that the weight of water stream was high in specific homes alone and on arbitrary checks they found the occupants were utilizing engine pump sets to suck water.

The seven groups drove by Sarfudeen, Zahir, Mayilerinathan, Kasi, Manjula, Chitradevi and Kamaraj directed strikes on two days and seized 138 engine pumps utilized for illicit tapping of water.

An Assistant Engineer said that according to law, the seized engines would be unloaded and the cash acknowledged would go to the Corporation’s coffers.

A senior authority at the Corporation’s recently opened control room at Anna Maaligai said open reaction to Corporation’s WhatsApp number 7449 104 was overpowering. More than 40 for every penny of grievances on illicit water tapping got through this mode, while the rest were accumulated by the field staffs and through the landline number 0452 2525252.

Mr. Nanduri said stern move would be made against illicit tapping of water. He spoke to the inhabitants to participate with the Corporation at this troublesome point and not to utilize engine pumpsets as the water stream would get ceased unexpectedly, other than denying water to different occupants.


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