Corrupted ticketing arrangement of Azhagar Koil sanctuary near Madurai

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The antiquated sanctuaries of Tamil Nadu which shape a piece of our social legacy have been subjected to defilement and obliviousness, making them lose their quality as far back as their organization was assumed control by the mainstream government. The Tamil Nadu Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department (HR&CE), which is the association framed by the mainstream government to look after sanctuaries, has seriously flopped in keeping up appropriate religious practices and straightforwardness in organization. This can be seen from a few grumblings and issues which have emerged in sanctuaries over the state. The current sanctuary to join this substantial rundown of dissensions over bungle is the renowned Azahagar sanctuary at Thirumaliruncholai close Madurai.

Azhagar sanctuary is well known for the Chitra Pournami celebration amid which the Lord goes to the city of Madurai from his habitation the backwoods arranged a couple of kilometers far from the city. The Chitra Pournami celebration, which is impossible to miss to Tamils, is the biggest yearly celebration in the nation. While the political belief system of Dravidian gatherings which have been holding the decision energy of the state since 1967 is generally in light of Tamil pride, a celebration unconventional to Tamils is not seen with a state occasion, while outside celebrations like Easter, Ramzan and so forth have seen Dravidian pioneers commending them with separate groups. This brings up the issue over the nearness of such hostile to Hindu government officials in the organization of the sanctuaries – harming the opportunity of religious practices for the Hindus.

Chitra Pournami celebration

Thirumaliruncholai Azhagar sanctuary is one of the 108 divya desams (Vishnu kshetras) arranged amidst the timberland, a couple of kilometers far from the city of Madurai. A pool called Nupuragangai arranged at a mountain close to the sanctuary holds an imperative place in the ceremonies of the sanctuary, and fans going to the sanctuary have a shower at this holy falls. A news thing showing up in Tamil day by day dated 25 april 2017, has expressed the degenerate practices of HR&CE authorities which are happening at this holy falls.

The sanctuary specialists work a transport benefit from the sanctuary to the falls for the enthusiasts. While the ticket for this travel costs Rs. 10/ – for every individual, the authorities giving the tickets give a solitary ticket for every family taking a ride. This has brought about these authorities demonstrating the ticket consider one individual to the sanctuary specialists rather than one family, along these lines taking the additional sum as their own. This same practice is additionally happening at the Nupuragangai falls where lovers need to get a ticket of Rs. 15/ – to have a shower at this consecrated pool. This has brought about loss of thousands of rupees consistently for the sanctuary.

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The carelessness of the reviewers designated to manage the ticketing framework is likewise said to be one reason for this degenerate routine with regards to the sanctuary authorities. While the sanctuary experts have guaranteed that they will make strict move against the authorities if discovered blameworthy, the nearness of individuals less committed to the divine beings in the administration exercises of the sanctuary has brought about such degenerate practices in the organization.

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