₹5.00 in cheque for using Madurai public toilet

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Somebody Literally Paid A Public Toilet In Madurai With A ₹5 Cheque And It’s Not Funny

The demonetization has truly made them keep running in circles for cash. Disregard extravagance, individuals don’t have enough money to drive, purchase toppings, or meet their every day necessities.

Country moving towards “Cashless Economy”. Payment made by cheque for Rs. 5 for using the Public Toilet in Madurai, TN

Amidst this wreckage, somebody in Madurai utilized an open can and composed a ₹5 check to ‘The general population Toilet Madurai’.

Inside minutes, the picture became a web sensation with a huge number of individuals trading their point of views about composing a check worth INR 5.

Saras Chelladurai

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