Seemai Karuvelam would cost a lot for the property owners

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Plan to start procedures through sub-divisional officers, says Madurai Collector

Those neglecting to expel the obtrusive weed seemai karuvelam from their properties in spite of rehashed updates will be incorporated as respondents in the progressing case with respect to the issue in Madurai Bench of Madras High Court, cautioned Madurai Collector K. Veera Raghava Rao here on Saturday.

Communicating with media subsequent to examining the evacuation of seemai karuvelam trees by Madurai Corporation in a private property, Mr. Rao said the region organization was additionally wanting to start procedures under Section 133 of the CrPC through sub-divisional justices on such violators.

Highlighting that the Madurai Bench of Madras High Court was nearly checking the entire expulsion of seemai karuvelam trees from the area, Mr. Rao said while the area organization was on course to expel the development from poramboke lands, the development in private properties remained a worry.

“Out of the about 49,300 hectares of seemai karuvelam development assessed in the region, just around 20 % is in poramboke lands while the remaining is in private grounds,” he said.

Bringing up that seemai karuvelam development in 5,652 hectares had been evacuated so far in the region, he said that more stringent measures were in the pipeline to push towards finish expulsion of the weed.

“So also, permitting seemai karuvelam development can be seen as an ecological aggravation and thus as an open irritation too. Subsequently, we are likewise wanting to make a move under Section 133 of CrPC (for disturbance),” he included.

He said that the locale organization had been issuing notification to proprietors of the properties that have seemai karuvelam development. “Up until now, we have issued 15,173 notification, of which the general population worried in 2,523 notification have finished the evacuation,” he said.

He said that in the rest of the situations where the property proprietor have neglected to evacuate seemai karuvelam trees, the neighborhood bodies concerned or the Public Works Department had taken up the expulsion in view of the accessibility of assets.

“In such cases, the property proprietor will be fined double the cost brought about on the expulsion,” he said

“We have forced an aggregate fine of around ₹9.5 lakh in such cases. In the event that they neglect to pay the fine, procedures will be started under the R.R Act (Tamil Nadu Revenue Recovery Act) as reported prior,” he said.


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